Running GitVersion as a .NET Core local tool in FAKE

Recently I wanted to use GitVersion to determine the version number for a project. To keep the project self-contained I installed GitVersion as a .NET Local Tool. However, when trying to get the generated version numbers through FAKE it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, the current version of FAKE does not support running GitVersion as a dotnet tool. To bridge that gap I wrote the following FAKE script to get it to work.

// Dependencies are listed in build.fsx
// nuget Fake.DotNet.Cli
// nuget Fake.Tools.GitVersion
#load "./.fake/build.fsx/intellisense.fsx"

open Fake.Core
open Fake.DotNet
open Newtonsoft.Json

let run () =
    let proc = Command.RawCommand("gitversion", Arguments.Empty)
                 |> CreateProcess.fromCommand
                 |> CreateProcess.withToolType (ToolType.CreateLocalTool())
                 |> CreateProcess.redirectOutput

    if proc.ExitCode <> 0 then
        failwithf "GitVersion failed with exit code %i and message %s" proc.ExitCode proc.Result.Output

    |> fun j -> JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Fake.Tools.GitVersion.GitVersionProperties>(j)

I put this script next to the build.fsx script I already had, and named it gitVersion.fsx (note the capitalization). To include the script in my build script I added a reference like this:

#load "./gitVersion.fsx"

and added the dependencies to the #r block.

Then I could call it using like so:

let getVersion() = 
    let gitVersionInfo =

    { VersionPrefix = gitVersionInfo.MajorMinorPatch
      VersionSuffix = gitVersionInfo.PreReleaseTag }

I hope this helps someone trying to do the same.

Update 16-07-2020: Added how to load script in main build script